News Brief Importance of Breastfeeding

Paige Hanzy
March 4, 2014
Main points: We are the only living thing on earth that drinks another animal’s milk. Mothers lactate to be able to provide for their child yet some parents would rather spend extra money on formula. There are benefits to children, families, and the community.
I believe this article is important because it gives you pointers why you should breastfeed your child. I believe every mother should try and breastfeed for at least the first year of a child’s life. Breastfeeding has many advantages for mother and child such as attachment and health benefits for the child.
Any mother skeptical on breastfeeding I would recommend reading this. It has good points and a few reference links that support the article.

Smith, A. (2013, September). Breastfeeding Basics. Retrieved from Breastfeeding Basics website:

4 thoughts on “News Brief Importance of Breastfeeding

  1. Although I do not have children I have always been an advocate for breast feeding. In my first child development class I learned the benefits of breast feeding and I was amazed that some women still choose to formula feed. The one thing that stands out to me most about breast feeding is that it is free food for your infant. It’s hard to believe that people choose to spend money on formula rather than breast feed. I understand that breast feeding can be awkward or uncomfortable but it is meant form the child that you created. I do not know first hand what it is like to give birth but I can imagine that it is awkward and uncomfortable as well. So why not go the extra mile for the child you brought into the world and give them all the benefits of your breast milk. This article was filled with great information. I believe that expecting mothers should educate themselves on the benefits of breast feeding and the negative affects of formula.

  2. Piage, I found your article to be very informational. It was enlightening to read all the benefits that breast milk provides for infants and the mother. Being a vegan, I am always interested in finding new ways to guide people away from animal products. As a society, we rely very heavily on animals, and the nutrients they provide, but ignore the process it takes to receive those goods. It is contingent to find scientific information that proves the importance of human milk on an infant. Cow milk to many is convenient and has prospered in society as a routine supplement in our diet. However, this article discusses the importance of the milk mothers produce specifically for their young, and nutritional/preventative outcomes of using our natural resources.

  3. Paige,
    This is a very interesting and helpful resource. I liked that they give pointers and information to inform and support new mothers to make this an easy transition for her and her baby.
    Some women are not able to breastfeed, sometimes when infants have specific health needs and need to be separated from their mother, the nurses may feed the infant formula, maybe the mother’s milk is not health enough to feed to the infant. Mothers in situations like this often feel rejected and unsupported. I would have liked to see an alternate option and information for women in those situations.

  4. I like the topic you chose and I agree that it is important and much healthier for the child to breast feed, especially during the first year of life. Infants need that bond with the mother and it is healthy for mothers to relieve that milk from their breast. Formula is not always a healthy decision as some might make the infant sick and is costly.

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